Our Story

Mimi welcomes Old and New Guests to her new luxurious hair studio.

Over the years Mimi has dedicated her life to Hair and Business as well as maintaining a busy structured home life. 


Her success in the industry has been flawless with the achievement of owning a Hair and beauty establishment prior to continuing her journey and her final goal to successfully open her own soul Hair Design colour development and colour correction Business within the Hairdressing industry. 


Here you will find Hair Designers like no other. Offering colour correction at its best. Redesigning hair styles and colours is the forte of any hair salon. Which is indeed what we offer but correcting hair colour is a different realm when it comes to the average stylist. With over 20 years experience in the Hairdressing industry Mimi alone can offer colour correction perfection with honest valued opinions when it comes to colour correction and enhancement.

The Salon

Over her years of skilled experience Shes worked with many leading brands along the way yet over the last 3 years has taken on KEVIN MURPHY a brand that has been able to and adapt her colouring and colour correction skills the the maximum.

Cullompton, Devon